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David’s Work

Evolved Energy

A multitude of energies, from other people, family, religion, corporations and organizations, as well as varied electromagnetic frequencies, continually surround and attempt to force and manipulate us. These energies can be chaotic, loud and pushy, and their intentions can be either positive or negative. For those of us who are “sensitive” to energy, like empaths, intuitives and healing professionals, this bombardment can be overwhelming and debilitating. Learning to recognize, release and repel others’ energy is vital to our ability to embrace and utilize the natural, “untainted” personal energy power that heals, intuits and supports us. It is important to learn to ground ourselves and connect with our natural, personal energy sources, which generate our renewable power supply. This enables us to disconnect from all the energy that does not serve our health and wellbeing.

Grounding ourselves balances and protects us. By grounding and connecting to this power supply, our “Evolved Energy” enters our being naturally through the Soul and “travels” to the Heart, bringing us our authentic truth and direction. This “Evolved Energy” is infinite, loving and creative. It inspires us, brings us joy, peace, and gratitude. Connecting with this energy, you will begin to perceive your inner guiding messages, which are always soft and gentle. These messages enable you to live a life of synchronicity and to experience the life you deserve and were intended to enjoy. Listen to them and keep this connection open. “Be still and know…”

What others say…

Working with David over the past two years has been truly expansive. I am very sensitive to energy. When I first met David, I was allowing others to manipulate my energy. He has helped me understand my path on this journey. I trust my intuition and feel a greater sense of peace and clarity as to what is true for me. As David says, “The expansion comes in the giving and receiving.”

D. R.

Life Purpose

As we know from Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs,” we cannot attain a self-actualized life of purpose and peace if we are mired in chaos, misery and self-loathing. Today, the residual energy of traumatic events, emotional and physical violence, loss and stress can block and restrict our energy and keep us stuck in stagnant patterns of old behaviors and habits. By releasing these old, residual energy patterns and reconnecting to our personal energy sources, we experience neutral energy, which automatically reveals our sense of purpose, develops wellbeing and strengthens the connection with the Soul, our “conduit” to the Divine. The soul whispers its messages of hope, love, and purpose to the heart, which then sends these messages to our brain. This soul-heart-brain coherence creates inner peace and sustainable resilience. It guides us to listen.

For many, like David, our life purpose becomes apparent once we acknowledge the residue of past trauma, hurt, dis-ease or conflict and heal our wounds. Often, these painful events or conditions are the foundation and catalyst for creating a new, purposeful life. Finding the “gift” may take time and lots of painful self-exploration, but the rewards are great when we open the energy channels and hear our personal messages of Truth and Self-Love.


Self-Love has nothing to do with egomania (self-centeredness, self-absorption, or being selfish). Self-Love is the recognition of our innate goodness and value as creations of the Divine. We often confuse the divine essence of a person with their behavior, judging this person’s value and worth by his or her actions, especially when misguided and harmful. We tend to judge ourselves more critically than others. Sadly, families, religions, societies and schools often reinforce the message that we are unworthy, not enough or incapable. We believe these stories, until a “cosmic two-by-four” gets our attention and we begin to evolve into a new phase in life. Self-Love enables us to trust our intuition and judgment; we accept responsibility for our energy and happiness.

Self-Love allows us to trust our new or “Evolved Intuition” with more authentic decision-making patterns and to heal our wounds, no matter how deep. Self-Love forgives and finds the gift in even the most devastating experience or situation. Self-Love enables us to love others, and ourselves unconditionally and authentically. It gives us the certainty to find direction and meaning, to be healed and to experience joy and gratitude in our everyday lives.

Recognized and embraced, Self-Love is the channel for life-healing and life-enhancing energy.

When I met David, my energy was very scattered. I had physical issues and insomnia, but my greatest challenges were relationships – mostly with my son. David helped me see where I was overextending my energy, forcing and allowing myself to be too influenced by others. With his guidance, my life has become calmer, and more peaceful. Issues are now resolved quickly. He is truly a gifted healer who enjoys sharing what he knows.

S. H.

Today, David’s work includes one-on-one sessions, presentations and a variety of experiential seminars, with clients from around the world. From “The Mechanics of Subtle Energy” or “Mastering Subtle Energy” to “Mastering Self-Healing Energy,” David teaches a systematic process for each person to recognize and master his or her energy, remove the blocks and reconnect to personal energy sources. These connections empower you to live a more joyful, purposeful life of gratitude.

What others say…

I like to describe David’s work as “experiential,” as he engages his students physically, mentally and emotionally in a multi-sensory experience. The physical expression is the exercises he has us do. It can be felt throughout the body as heat, coolness, tingling, buzzing or a lightness that I experience. I am actively participating and responding to the learning environment, yet there is no "verbal expression" as the nature of David's teaching is subtle energy. I feel that I am engaging on a subconscious level.
When working with David, he is helping me to bring any scattered energy I may have, the energy that I allowed other people to pull on or to manipulate, back home to me. I have since learned that there are also parts of me that I had completely disconnected from and never knew they were part of me at all. During this process, I feel that I am not physically “doing” anything. So it seemed odd to me at first, yet it is much like the unconscious process of digestion. I cannot consciously decide to extract nutrients out of the food I just ate, or dissolve the matter in my stomach so it can go through the digestive tract, yet my body is unconsciously performing all those tasks nonetheless.
What I feel are the results! I am more centered, and I feel much calmer emotionally. There is a sense of peace and more joy in my life. My physical body is relaxed and less "dense." My chiropractor was amazed when I saw him last! I have been seeing him for over a decade, and he has never seen me so relaxed in my body. He said: “Whatever you are doing, keep doing it”! I also attribute the change I feel to David working with me on energy that I may have carried not just during childhood, but which has been passed on from generation to generation. It is my understanding that when this burden is lifted within my own being, it also affects my entire family. Thank you, David!


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