What is a flowing prayer? – David Router

What is a flowing prayer?


While most of us have experienced prayer as a recited request or petition, David offers another version. His “Flowing Prayers” are affirmations and awakenings that flow through him from his Guides. These Flowing Prayers use the language and energy of the Etheric/Spirit heart and soul to access our infinite intuition and potential at a deeper level of consciousness. We activate and initiate Flowing Prayers from a soul level by accepting responsibility for the energy we use. Your Etheric/Spirit energy (not your physical energy) seeks these messages, as this is the energy that engages your physical intuition. By removing the physical distractions, we are open to experience the shift that allows us to take notice of what is needed with more clarity and confidence. This results in an intuitive response that enables clearer decision making and thought processes without distractions.

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