Energy Alert… January 2016 – David Router

Energy Alert… January 2016

Hello Everyone,

It’s with great anticipation and excitement that we share important information with you regarding David’s work, events, and upcoming media interviews.

As someone who has worked with David, you have enjoyed the enormous benefits and beautiful shifts that come with experiencing David’s work. So, you understand given David’s gifts that his popularity is now reaching international status!

We have implemented help for David to manage his expanding life; schedule, business, travel and media relations and we hope that as his client, this will make things simpler for you as well!

For David’s current clients, we have also created an opportunity for you to enjoy a group session with David. Group sessions are preferable because the movement of energy of each individual in proximity is a benefit to all! Please see details below.

With this, we’d like to share David’s upcoming events and media interviews with you.

Please join us for the following events below!


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