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Seminars and Presentations


David also offers group-specific presentations for meetings and conferences, from 2 hours to all-day seminars.

Group sessions are usually conducted via a ZOOM link “meeting.”

Among his experiential and interactive seminars and presentations are:

  • Mastering Subtle Energy
  • Mastering Self-Healing Energy
  • Advanced Energy Mechanics
  • Love Your Life, No Matter What…
  • The Language of Energy
  • Mastering Self-Healing from Loss

David is recognized for his ability to train individuals to reconnect to self-healing energy and experience life-changing healing from personal loss. He techniques enable them to re-connect and activate their energy and move forward into a new purposeful life, filled with gratitude.

What others say…

My 24-year-old son TJ attended David’s seminar with me. TJ has struggled this past year terribly and has not been able to deal with the grief of losing his younger brother. David taught him to clear his negative blockages. As I have continued to practice the exercises that David taught me during the workshop, I have noticed that my intuition seems stronger, and I have a stronger sense of inner peace. I will be able to lead a happier and more fulfilling life, even though I have endured the most horrific thing that any parent can go through. David Router is incredible, and I am very grateful.

C.A., Tyler’s mom

A tragic accident took my daughter’s life, and I sought peace through reading books and working with counselors and psychologists. After I discovered and worked with David Router, I found internal strength and self-love, and was led to recover all I’d lost to grief. Through guidance by David, I reconnected to my true self, found a path to peace and now walk on it in deep gratitude toward more love of life each new day.

L. S.

David is endorsed by Helping Parents Heal, a non-profit organization that supports parents who have experienced the loss of a child. He is also endorsed by therapists, naturopaths, and other healthcare professionals. Working with David and adopting the Reflective Body Mechanics™ daily grounding techniques, these healing professionals have learned to share their energy – rather than giving it away and feeling depleted at the end of the day.

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