How To Recognize And Release Them From Your Life

With David Router

Are Energy Vampires stealing your energy and leaving you emotionally drained and feeling less joy in your life?

If so, please join David in his new workshop.


How To Recognize And Release Them From Your Life

With David Router

Are Energy Vampires stealing your energy and leaving you emotionally drained and feeling less joy in your life?

If So, please join David in his new workshop.


What Is An Energy Vampire?

Energy Vampires are people who drain your emotional energy. They feed on your willingness to listen and care for them, leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed.

Energy Vampires can be anywhere and anyone. They can be your spouse or your best friend. They can be your cubicle mate or your neighbor.

Learning how to identify and respond to this toxic behavior can help you preserve your energy and protect yourself from a great deal of emotional - and physical - distress.

People who are sensitive and compassionate are prime targets for energy vampires. You offer a listening ear, a kind heart, and endless energy. Energy Vampires use your very nature against you - draining you of your vitality.

Energy Vampires demand a lot from the people they target. This continuous drain on your resources can have a noticeable effect on your well-being. Over time, excess stress can lead to anxiety, depression, heart disease, and more.


What You Will Learn

How Energy Vampires steal your energy leaving you emotionally drained and feeling less joy in your life

How to change your personal energy systems and reconnect to a strength of consciousness that restricts Energy Vampire from accessing your energy

Consciousness exercises that strengthen self and build resilience resulting in a calmer life experience

Prevent Energy Vampires from dumping their emotional and toxic energy on you which leaves you stressed and exhausted

Close off and strengthen your personal energy field that has left you vulnerable to the influence of Energy Vampires

Release and rebuild healthy and supportive personal energy system

Eliminate the toxic unhealthy Energy Vampire relationships in your life.

Morning grounding exercises to enable you to start your day with more focus and activated consciousness

Utilize the nighttime consciousness exercises to enable self-healing by disconnecting you from your day’s activities allowing you to relax and experience a more restful and rejuvenating sleep

Activate your subconscious and the ability to access it in your daily life a needed to access relationships and the impact others have on your energy


After This Workshop Participants Will

Experience more calmness and inner peace in your life

No longer attract energy vampires and emotional chaos and allow others to deplete your personal energy resources

Regain the confidence to make decisions quickly to enhance your quality of life experiences

Create a stronger self and seal your personal energy field you will strengthen both the physical and mental emotional vitality resulting in overall resilience in daily life

Reconnect to your personal core energy and consciousness you will feel more self-confidence and clarity in your daily decision-making skills

Have more clarity in solving your relationship challenges

No longer be attached to Energy Vampires toxic and energy depleting behaviors

Experience a more joyful, purposeful and fulfilled life

Embrace an improved personal confidence by using consciousness exercises taught to rebuild and strengthen intuition and allowing this empathic trait to improve your life instead of the life of the Energy Vampire

Activate your subconscious and experience the deep inner self potential in your daily life to enhance your daily life and overall joy and fulfillment in life


Sunday Sessions Available














Online Live Video Conference

The small group and live interaction allows for participants to ask questions for greater understanding of the exercises and how they work to improve relationships and enable a more calm, joyful & fulfilled life.


What Our Participants Say

”…with his guidance, my life has become calmer, more peaceful.  When there are issues, things are resolved much more quickly…”

“…David has been an enormous help to me in search for true happiness and purpose. I don’t believe I would be anywhere near where I am without him-he removed the energetic stuff that was getting in the way so I could find myself with far greater ease…”

“…as I continue to practice the daily exercises David taught me, I have noticed a stronger intuition and sense of inner peace…”


About David Router

For more than thirty years internationally recognized, Australian native David Router has shared his exceptional gifts and insights in the world of subtle energy and Functional consciousness. Considered a “Master” Consciousness /Energy Instructor and Healer’s Healer by this who have experienced his work. David has created a series of functional conscious exercises, Reflective Body Mechanics™.  David is able to see energy which enables him to guide participants to connect and activate your subconscious to release embedded patterns of behavior which have restricted your ability to change life patterns. Once released you are able to reconnect to and open functional consciousness into your everyday life which enables you to experience a stronger intuition and more productive, calm live. This also results in your ability to protect yourself from unhealthy relationships and attract healthy supportive relationships.

David is dedicated to helping others lead more self-fulfilled lives, and to reconnect with the deepest core of their being through the systems of exercises he has developed.  Through workshops & individual or group sessions, he has helped countless individual heal from the effects of psycho-emotional, spiritual and physical trauma and to regain the ability to lead their lives with inner peace and clarity.


Energy Vampires
With David Router

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