Biofield research is a growing field of study, no longer considered to be on the fringes of science. The biofield is generally considered to be the energetic emissions (specifically electromagnetic emissions, although other wavelengths are also emitted) of all life, including the human body. These fields are interactional, and considered to be informational fields that inform everything and everybody, sometimes referred to as organizational fields.
Biofield research encompasses the study of bioenergetics, and the human biofield (both internal and external flows). It seeks to understand the nature of these fields, and the ways in which they both reflect and affect mental-emotional and physiological processes and functioning. The larger categories of frequency medicine (including sound and light), energy medicines (including acupuncture, Therapeutic Touch, and Reiki) and energy psychology (including EFT, TFT and Specialized Kinesiology modalities) are all biofield modalities, as are varying integrative practices such as Qi Gong and Yoga. A major focus of research also studies the ways in which Consciousness interacts with and affects the biofield.



We are continually interacting and communicating unconsciously with each other’s field – a non-conscious form of communication. There is a continuous interchange of information between our fields and those of others. This information is carried by varying frequencies of electromagnetic waves. In many ways, this can be thought of as similar to how information is transmitted to TV channels, radio stations, cellular bands, and so on. In these examples, the TV, radio, etc. has receivers that are specifically tuned to receive the information being broadcast.
In the same way, our systems are tuned to the frequencies of others. This is a primal system of non-conscious communication, now being documented through research by the HeartMath Institute and independent researchers across the globe. Research by the HeartMath Institute and others has shown the heart to be the main controller of our body-mind system. It runs the show, so to speak, and communicates information about our internal and external environment to our brain. The heart also broadcasts the largest electro-magnetic field of the body. This field is an informational field, encoded with a huge amount of psychophysiological information. Research demonstrates that this field affects the brainwaves of others through resonance, attunement and entrainment. This information includes the emotional states of others which affect our own emotional states. This effect has been measured to minimally span a distance of 3 feet; More recent research shows a more global entrainment effect. It is postulated that there are “dynamic, information processing exchanges between all living systems and the earth’s energetic/magnetic field, allowing encoded information to be communicated subconsciously and non-locally” [The Global Coherence Initiative: A global psychological paradigm for health promotion: Stephen Edwards; Journal of Psychology in Africa, 2016/Vol .26 No.2].
Our systems entrain and resonate with those around us, picking up emotions, and other information energetically. Our mental-emotional states create feedback loops, which affect and are affected by old patterning: early maps held deep in our non-conscious. These patterns or maps are set up in early childhood, and reinforced through a lifetime of experiences. They affect and filter our perceptions, behaviors, internal responses and actions.
We operate on semi-automatic; moving through our day in a series of intersecting trance states. This is sometimes referred to as SDLMB (State-dependent Learning, Memory and Behavior). SDLMB can be likened to suitcases filled with neurologically patterned perception, resultant behaviors and emotional and physiological responses. The suitcase opens when triggered or activated by old experiential cues. In other words, when x happens, I do y. Until we become conscious of these deeper neuro-conscious influences, we are at their mercy.
Complicating this of course is the entrainment effect mentioned above. This makes us prone to resonate and entrain with the emotional patterning and mental-emotional states of others. These states can be powerful, and here will be generally referred to as “stuff”.
Boundary rupture accompanies trauma of every kind (including early attachment issues, and the accumulated stresses which overwhelm our ability to cope effectively). From an underlying energy field perspective, boundary rupture creates holes in the otherwise protective container of Self. This further impacts the degree to which we are prone to pick up the “stuff” of others. Our field becomes porous … the bigger the boundary rupture, the more we leak our “stuff”, and pick up the “stuff” of others. This can make it hard to distinguish self from others (is this my anger or issue, or is this yours?).
To heal is to be made whole … both words come from the same root. Part of healing (or whole-ing) is boundary rupture repair, creating a strong intact container of self. This goes hand in hand with becoming more of who we are … letting go of all the old non-conscious patterning that no longer serves us, and freeing ourselves from the influences of others that inhibit our ability to make conscious choices. Only then can we act with clarity and self-awareness, from a neutral place of center; to respond to circumstance rather than react. This is true resilience.
David Router’s work presents a very effective way to get us there from the inside-out. The subtle energy exercises he teaches are designed to solidify our own sense of self through clearing out both the “stuff” of others, and our own “stuff” that no longer serves us. As we learn to identify what is ours, it becomes easier to separate out and identify what is not ours. David Router’s exercises enable us to clear out space for what is truly self, making room for deeper connection to the true blueprint of our being.
These subtle energy exercises seal the holes in our fields and create a stronger container for Self. Our energy remains intact. We remain whole. We can’t leak out and other’s “stuff” can’t leak in. No longer influenced and affected by the emotions and “stuff” of others, we are free to hear our own deeper wisdom and truth (intuition), able to operate from this place, with self-awareness and clarity.



This workshop is primarily experiential in nature. It combines informational PowerPoints with a series of internal exercises designed to lead the participant step by step to achieve the following goals:

  1. To learn to identify your own energy flows, and release the energies of others that have been absorbed throughout your life
  2. To separate what is truly Self, from the “stuff” accumulated over a lifetime of negative beliefs and messages about who you are and who you’re not that distort our sense of self; learn to free yourself from old maps that no longer serve you
  3. To reconnect to your own core energy … this allows easier access to intuitive wisdom, and leads to growing self-confidence and clarity in decision making
  4. To close off and seal the holes in your energy field that keep you open and vulnerable to the influences of others
  5. To create a stronger container for self by sealing the leaks in your field; a stronger container strengthens both physical and mental emotional vitality, and helps create greater overall resilience while preventing energy depletion when giving to others

The experiential nature of this workshop will be augmented by a packet of written material exploring important precepts underlying this work, and correlated to the expressed goals and purposes of David Router’s exercises.

Designed to foster a deeper cognitive understanding of these areas, this material will be didactic in nature, and serve to link non-conscious experiential learning to conscious awareness and mental understanding. The following areas will be explored:

  • Bioenergetics, the human biofield and biofield dynamics
  • Invisible energy fields and the ways in which they affect us, consciously and unconsciously
  • Underlying field dynamics and communication
  • Non-conscious learning and its role in neuro-patterning
  • The role of the deeper psyche in affecting perception, psycho-physiology, emotional responses and behaviors
  • The effects of underlying psycho-energetic dynamics on mental-emotional and physiological well-being and health
  • The relationship of energy fields to the deeper psyche
  • Energetic dynamics of the Mind-body inter-relationship, and ramifications for both dysfunction and healing
  • Understanding healing from a mind-body perspective
  • Importance of inside-out healing
  • Psycho-energetic nature of physical dysfunction
  • Ideo-energetic/non-conscious communication



(Mental Health Counselors, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Nurses & Nurse Practitioners, Medical Practitioners, Massage Therapists and other Bodyworkers, Chiropractors, etc.)

Those in the health care field often suffer from burn-out and feelings of exhaustion at the end of a long day working with clients, their issues and needs. This is often due to the nature of therapeutic work in general, as well as the propensity of some practitioners to take on the problems and issues of their clients, a frequent side-effect of empathy-overload.

Additionally, sitting in an enclosed space where clients are telling their stories and unloading their problems and pain can be overwhelming mentally and emotionally for therapists/health care practitioners. Internal buffers can quickly get overloaded, resulting in burn-out, feelings of heaviness and fatigue. The energy in the treatment rooms becomes congested and heavy. This energy not only unconsciously affects subsequent clients, but further adds to the feeling of heaviness and depletion many therapists and health care professional experience.

The needs of some clients and patients can be intense, especially when coupled with transference and counter-transference issues that arise during therapy and other treatment dynamics. Many in the health care field report feeling drained dry by the end of a long work week.

Add to this the phenomena of boundary rupture detailed above, which can affect both the therapist/practitioner and the client/patient. We get a formula for energy leakage and accompanying therapist burn-out, depletion, and mental-emotional fatigue that is frequently accompanied by tendencies to take on the “stuff” of others, feelings of overwhelm, and overload.

All this can affect a health care practitioner or therapist’s overall sense of well-being, mental-emotional clarity, physical vitality, and health over time.

Research by the HeartMath Institute and others has also demonstrated that the internal state of the therapist or health care practitioner directly affects the healing outcome for the client/patient, and the internal state of the client/patient. This is due to the phenomena of resonance and entrainment, and is a form of non-conscious learning. The more balanced and regulated the therapist’s system is, the more a patient’s system begins to calm and regulate, entraining with new patterns, even momentarily. The reverse, of course, is also true. If the therapist/practitioner’s field is not clear or intact, it can easily be affected by the dysregulation of patients.

Benefits obtained through practicing the exercises presented in David Router’s workshop include:

  • Stronger, more intact energy field/container of self for the therapist/health care practitioner
  • Stronger boundaries in general between therapist/health care practitioner and client/patient
  • Less fatigue and feelings of depletion and burn-out
  • Greater mental-emotional coherence and clarity
  • Increased adaptation resources and stress resilience
  • Improved nervous system self-regulation
  • Stronger connection to intuition and internal wisdom
  • Grounding, centering and internal connection
  • Increased flow between internal knowing and external action and communication
  • Increased self-awareness and distinction between self and other
  • Greater Psycho-Emotional balance and stability
  • Subconscious clearing and increased conscious balance
  • The clearer our field, the less “stuff” there is that subconsciously affects perceptions, understanding of client issues, therapeutic choices and communication
  • This translates into less tendency for counter transference in the therapeutic milieu, and less propensity to take on the stuff of others and carry it home
  • More energy freed up for day to day functioning, both mental-emotionally and physically
  • More vital energy available at the end of a busy day or week
  • Stronger “immune system”, both physically and psycho-emotionally
  • Greater ability for the practitioner to be fully present and available when working with a client or patient
  • Less internal noise or mental chatter, enabling the therapist/practitioner to listen on all levels to the client or patient, and as a result, pick up micro-cues that might otherwise be missed
  • Greater healing potential and outcomes for the client/patient, who consciously and non-consciously benefits from all the above


David Router is an Australian energy instructor, consummate healer and visionary author of Conversations Through My Soul of Presence. He is the creator of Subtle Energy MechanicsTM, and Reflective Body MechanicsTM, systems that teach others to sense, direct and move the energy flows within their own system, and training them to tap into hidden potential through the recognition and mastery of their subtle energy.

David is a HeartMath® Certified Trainer and is endorsed by Helping Parents Heal, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting bereaved parents heal. David is also the creator of creator of Activation Artworks, a transformational series of paintings containing intricate layers of channeled energy messages designed to open and activate varying energy pathways in the viewer, and develop more empowered resilience in everyday life.

David Router is dedicated to helping others lead more self-fulfilled lives, and to reconnect with the deepest core of their being through the systems of exercises he has developed. Through individual and group sessions, workshops and other presentations, he has helped countless others heal from the effects of psycho-emotional, spiritual and physical trauma, and to regain the ability to lead their lives with inner peace and clarity.



Beverly Kune is a Mind-Body Integrative Therapist, with 30 years of experience as a Clinical Counselor, Naturopathic Doctor, and licensed Bodyworker. Certified in Dr. Peter Levine’s work (Somatic Experiencing), she is skilled at helping others release trauma patterning from the nervous system and deeper psyche to develop deeper resilience and self-regulation skills. As a Mind-Body Integrative Therapist, Beverly Kune helps others free themselves from the old maps, default programs, self-limiting patterns, and beliefs which keep clients stuck in repeating stories in their lives.

Beverly Kune is the head of GDVSouthwest, a company specializing in Biofield research, She has conducted numerous research studies for companies around the world regarding comparative effectiveness of varying products and technologies developed within the health and frequency medicine field, including structured water and other bioenergetics interventions by measuring their impact on the spatial field, water and the human biofield.

She utilizes the GDV-EPI Pro system, an advanced Kirlian technology consisting of scientific-grade equipment and a highly sophisticated suite of software, developed by renowned biophysicist and physics professor Konstantin Korotkov and a team of doctors, psychologists, physicists and other researchers. This system is used in hospitals, medical clinics, universities and research facilities in Russia and over 42 countries across the world.

Certified by KTI (Kirlionics Technologies International), the parent company of this technology, Beverly Kune specializes in consciousness studies that measure the impact of varying practices, beliefs, thoughts and emotional states on both the surrounding spatial field and the human biofield, both psycho-emotionally and physiologically. Beverly Kune is also the creator of a Master’s Program in Mind-Body Studies for the University of Natural Medicine based in San Dimas California, and the Dean of that department since its inception. She is the author of these courses and primary instructor.
Please note all written material is copyrighted by Beverly Kune, and used with her consent for the expressed purposes of this Curriculum, and associated written material created for David Router’s workshops