Energy Field Studies


Everything possesses an energy field, or biofield. The biofield is comprised primarily of the electromagnetic emissions of all life (although other wavelengths are also emitted), including the human body, plants, soil, inanimate objects (gems or minerals), oils, water and other liquids. The spatial field is also considered to be a biofield. These fields are informational fields, sometimes referred to as organizational fields, and inform everything and everybody.

Biofield research encompasses the study of these fields, and how they interact and affect each other. While “energy” refers to different things in different contexts, we are referring here to the underlying informational field that carries both the blueprint and the map of varying characteristics of whatever it is we are studying.

Biofield research specifically studies the effects of varying internal and external stimuli and input on these fields, as well as the ways in which these fields affect our physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

Both our individual fields and the Spatial Field can be affected by our emotions, thoughts, feelings, activities (such as in this case, David Router’s work) and states of being (mindsets, internal attitudes, beliefs and non-conscious issues, relative mind-body-spirit balance, and levels of consciousness); likewise, both our individual fields and the Spatial Field have an interactive effect … each affecting the other in interesting ways.

Energy fields are normally invisible; The use of specialized electro-photonic imaging equipment makes the invisible visible, allowing us to get a picture of the ways in which the field both reflects and affects our experience of ourselves and the world around us. Energy fields are both measurable and quantifiable by varying parameters. This allows us to map, measure and compare varying qualities inherent in the field dynamics of these informational fields, and to track changes over time, as well as the effects of varying inputs.

How do we measure these fields?

Scientific-grade equipment, known as the GDV-EPI (Gas Discharge Visualization-Electro Photonic Imaging) Professional suite is used to measure these fields. The GDV, known for its accuracy and repeatability, is certified by the Ministry of Health in Russia as a medical device, certified in Europe, and used worldwide in hospitals, medical clinics, universities, research facilities and by professional sports teams (including the Russian Olympic teams). Over 150 papers on GDV technology have been published worldwide. The GDV Camera system is accompanied by a sophisticated software suite that processes and analyzes all results. Results are then displayed in different formats for study. The GDV is a cutting-edge Kirlian system (known as Bioelectrography) developed by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Professor of Physics at St. Petersburg University in 1995, in conjunction with a specialized team of physicists, medical doctors, psychologists and other scientists.

This system is unique in the field of Biofield research. It easily captures detailed before and after measurements of whatever energy field is being studied, enabling comparative studies on the effects of varying stimuli (situations, thoughts, emotions, activities, etc.) on human energy fields (both physical and psycho-emotional), the Spatial Field, and the fields of water, and other substances.

Dr. Korotkov has published over 200 papers worldwide in leading journals on physics and biology. He holds 17 patents on biophysics inventions, and is the author of 9 books. Dr. Korotkov is the Deputy Director of Saint-Petersburg Federal Research Institute of Physical Culture, Professor of Computer Science and Biophysics at Saint-Petersburg Federal University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Professor of Research in Saint Petersburg Academy of Physical Culture, a Member of the Federal University Scientific Board on new medical technologies, a Member of the Scientific Society of Predictive Medicine (France), and serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Alternative and complementary Medicine (USA).

How does the GDV-EPI System work?

Essentially the camera creates a high-intensity electrical field around whatever is placed on the lens (fibre-optic plate), in the case of the Energy Field Study, a fingertip. The EPI method utilizes a weak, electrical current which is applied to each fingertip for less than a millisecond. The electric field produces a visible gas discharge glow composed of light energy photons (invisible to the human eye) around the fingertip. The GDV camera is connected to a computer so the digital information is instantly captured, and subsequently processed through proprietary software.

The Human Energy Field

What is the Psycho-Emotional Field and how is it measured? The Psycho-Emotional Field refers to the energy field underlying our mental-emotional state, attitudes, chronic and acute stressors, subconscious and conscious issues and concerns. All finger emissions captured by the GDV camera are evaluated through specialized algorithms, which sector and link the emission (or glow) around each finger to the meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and the organs and organ systems in our body. Analysis and sectoring is based on the Esogetic Medicine topography developed by Dr. Peter Mandel of Germany in the 1980s. Dr. Korotkov and his team of researchers have further developed this map, verifying results through over 20 years of analysis and research by psychologists, and medical doctors, correlating the organs and organ systems to specific mental-emotional issues and areas of stress.

What is the Physical Field and how is it measured?

The physical field maps the energy of the physical field … looking at the energy distribution to all the organs and organ systems, the degree of harmonization of the field (smoothness and balance versus spiky and unbalanced), areas of depletion or excess, or other anomalies in the emissions. As such, the physical field gives a real-time view of the functional energy state of the body. The physical Field is measured with a polyethylene filter placed on the lens. This filter blocks the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and captures physical energy response.

What do the terms “Without Filter” and “With Filter” refer to?

“With Filter” Captures: As specified above, the Physical Field is captured with the addition of a polyethylene filter on the lens to block out perspiration, secreted skin gases and other influences of the autonomic nervous system.

“Without Filter” Captures: The Psycho-Emotional Field, captured without the use of this filter, representing the person’s current psychological-physiological condition.

What is the Spinal Field, and what is its importance to David Router’s work?

The Spinal Field is the part of the Psycho-Emotional field specifically emitted by the spine. This field is visible in the right and left projections generated by the Energy Field Program. The Spinal Field is correlated to energy exchange problems with others. Taking on the problems of others shows up in this area. A primary goal of David Router’s work is to release any energy from our field that is not our own, and plug up any holes in our field that allow this extraneous energy to enter, or our own energy to leak out. This effect was validated by results of the Energy Field Study. In all cases the Spinal Field became much more solid and filled in after the workshop than beforehand. The holes, spikiness and porosity noted in the preliminary Baseline Captures were gone as the Spinal Fields became smoother, and fuller.

What does “energetic distribution” refer to, and why is it important?

Energetic distribution looks at our functional energy reserves. This is the amount of energy we have, either psycho-emotionally or physically, and determines our degree of resiliency, overall health, well-being & vitality. Our system requires energy to function mentally, emotionally and physically. When the energy is balanced evenly around the body, with no spikes or holes, everything functions as it should, with no one organ or organ system carrying the load for another. With proper energy distribution, everything works in tandem with everything else, in other words, a healthy homeostasis.

What is the importance of measuring the Spatial Field?

The Spatial Field is the immediate environment around us, subject to the influences and effects of geo-physical and barometric conditions, and most importantly, electro-magnetic emissions (energy fields) of whatever is within that environment. As such the Spatial Field clearly mirrors the mental-emotional states, and autonomic nervous system activity of those present. Quantum effects are also believed to be involved. Measuring the Spatial Field therefore gives us a direct and clear picture of how the collective energy fields within the environment (or room) are being affected by varying influences.

What Parameters are used in measuring the Spatial Field?

• Area: the overall size and spread (amplitude) of the energy present
• Intensity: the brightness or life force of the energy present
• Entropy: the degree of relative changeability versus stability of the energy present
• Form Coefficient: the degree of overall harmonization in the field; this represents the degree to which the field can hold onto new information
• Inner Noise Percentage: the degree of noise (extraneous energy or static) in the overall field

Together, these parameters paint a picture of exactly what is transpiring collectively for each person, allowing us to track the effects of specific influences on the field, and providing a deeper way of understanding what it is we are tracking.