David Router provides energy healing events and/or services.

The undersigned desires to attend an event involving energy healing (“Event”) with David Router, and in consideration for participating in the Event, the undersigned agrees, understands and acknowledges the following.

Many people believe that energy healing can be used to improve one’s health and well-being. There is no guarantee that energy healing or attending an Event will be effective.

David Router and his representatives are not medical doctors. David Router is not a substitute, nor intended to replace licensed professional medical or health care. The Event is not intended to provide a diagnosis, prescription, treatment, cure or prevention for any disease, disorder, or injury, either physical or mental.

David Router makes no guarantees to any medical, physiological, or psychological purpose, effect or outcome in connection with attending an Event.

Your participation at an Event is completely voluntary and you have the right to withdraw from participation in an Event at any time and for any reason.

The facilitator(s) at an Event retains the right to determine if you may or may not continue with the Event. If the facilitator determines that you are unsuited for continuation in a session or in event, David Router will return under reasonable circumstances, the balance of the fee on a pro-rated basis.

By participation at an Event, David Router and his employees are relying upon your assumption of the risks associated with participation and your willingness to release David Router and employees from any and all claims or damages.

Cancellation & Refund Policy. 72 hour advance notice of cancellation is required for a full refund. The fee is non-refundable for failure to show up for an Event or failure to give at least 72 hour notice of cancellation. Cancellation within 72 hours will incur a $10 cancellation and processing fee.

Recording Devices. In order to protect the privacy of those attending Events, the use of recording devices are not allowed during Events.

Use of Likeness and Photography. David Router or his representatives may be taking photographs or video of participants while you may be participating in an Event. The undersigned understands and agrees that some of these photographs may be used by David Router for promotional, educational, or informational purposes in several mediums, including but not limited to its brochures, flyers, website, online social media, DVDs, newsletters, and other promotional material, and gives David Router full permission to use such photographs or video.

Privacy Notice. David Router cares about your privacy. The purpose for requesting your contact information is to assist the administrative staff in effectively providing you with prompt customer service including giving you up-to-date event information, responding to your requests and/or to provide you with any materials after an Event. David Router does not sell or share any private contact information. David Router only requests your city, state, and country to see where certain messages are reaching, and to provide you with any requested information, services, or products. This information is kept strictly and absolutely confidential. No names and/or addresses have ever been released in any form to any source, and they never will be. Please contact David Router with any concerns related to privacy and we will address your concerns promptly.

David Router reserves the right to change its terms or policies at any time and will notify you by posting an updated version of the terms or policies on the website. You may also request a copy of the latest terms and policies at any time.

David Router has fully explained energy healing, including its risks, benefits, and any alternatives. I have had the opportunity to ask any and all questions that I may have about energy healing, and these questions have been answered to my full satisfaction.

Release. I agree to accept and assume any and all risks to my health and wellbeing, including any risk of bodily injury or harm that may arise from attending an Event, whether such risks have been disclosed or not, and do hereby fully release and forever discharge David Router, his successors, affiliates, assigns, employees, and agents from any and all actions, causes of action, suits, liabilities, losses, damages, claims or expenses whatsoever, for negligence, battery or otherwise, which I, my heirs, executors, administrators, and assigns have now or may hereafter have arising in any way out of the my attendance at an Event.

The undersigned states that he/she has read this informed consent and release, that he/she understands the terms contained in it and that he/she has freely and voluntarily executed the same and intends to be bounds by its terms.