Client Stories

Terri Petz

M.B.A., CHT (Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist), Intuitive Coach, Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Co-lead of the Tucson affiliate of Helping Parents Heal

I have had the great honor of working with David Router for the past couple of months. David is an energy healer from Australia. He uses a unique modality to assist people in understanding their energy, and ground and protect our energy sources from negative sources. David is kind and compassionate, and has helped me to heal not only my heavy grief, but to let go of many years of collecting unwanted energies. I feel stronger, and am using his techniques to self-heal when old negative things pop up, or when around other’s negative energies. It has also opened up my intuitive gifts, and empowered me to move beyond my self-imposed limitations and fear, and to move forward in my life feeling empowered. I can’t say enough about the change that occurred following my sessions. If you are living with grief, this method will help you to heal in a profound way. My hope is that many more will learn from David!

Sarah McCrum

Founder of Spiral Up

I recommend David to almost all of my clients because I rate his work so highly (and I don’t say that lightly). He has been an enormous help to me in my search for true happiness and purpose. I don’t believe I would be anywhere near where I am without him – he removed the energetic stuff that was getting in the way so I could find myself with far greater ease.

P. Swanson

College Student

Working with David has not only opened my eyes to who I am, but also the type of people I want to surround myself with. I believe one of the most important resources to a happy life is to genuinely follow your gut, guides, or consciousness. David’s’ work allows you to become more in tune with who YOU are. I used to believe that being yourself took tremendous mental strength. Now I believe that anyone can do it. The more research I have done on the topic of grounding or meditation all lead me back to the same place. People are happier and consistently more successful in their field of work when they are properly grounded. When the small things in life begin to matter again, you find yourself doing the activities and projects you only dreamt of. For me, the dreams we have, but don’t act on, are the exact projects and activities I should be participating in. I believe the happiness doesn’t come from David – he only works as a guide to enable his client to experience happiness within them self. I was surprised at how well I really did know myself after working with David. I’m able to stop and think about my decisions and actions with a sound mind. David has helped many people in his life, but the greatest gift I believe he has is the ability to show people the happiness and abilities within themselves. While we are all good at something and we all have the ability to love, David teaches us how to grasp that love and send it in the right direction – forward. Often, we get caught up in society and our lives, but being able to slow down, even for just a couple minutes, and be at peace with what happens, is the greatest gift I could ask for in my life. This experience would not have been possible without David’s’ guidance. I will forever be sincerely grateful for David’s’ work and his passion to help all.

B. Fulkerson


Working with David has done so much for me! My daughter and I have struggled with a rocky relationship for years. I LONGED to have a friendship with my daughter. Seemed nothing I ever did was right so that seemed it would never happen. It had gotten to a point where I kept my thoughts to myself and let things go rather than have a disagreement with her over a MISUNDERSTANDING AGAIN! Now that we are working with David now only has our relationship turned into the friendship I was desiring it is now a true loving and kind relationship! For my birthday she took me to a nice weekend retreat to reconnect! It was the most wonderful gift in the world! Thank you David for you guidance in healing this situation. I am one VERY GRATEFUL MOTHER!!

R. West 

Business Owner

David helped me understand, recognize and actually appreciate the qualities that had caused great anxiety and exhausting mind chatter. I am presently working on using these innate qualities of sensitivity and empathy not as hindrances but as assets for a productive, more focused life. This work has given me more clarity and the ability to easily weed out and discard what I don’t need and focus on the authentic energy within and around me.

Kylie C.

I have been fortunate to know David for 20 years and in that time I have had the privilege to be able to personally experience his healings. Over this time the evolution of David work has been nothing short of amazing. Every healing is so different from the other .. What can be achieved through Davids healings can only be understood once you have experienced them for yourself. David has helped me through many a rough patch and brought calm were needed, eased the mind chatter & also helped me to help others close to me for which I am very grateful. David’s work on self worth is the most important area for myself personally.

Lilla S.

Buisness Professional

After losing my daughter in a tragic accident and seeking all resources available to help me find peace, I worked with grief counselors, psychologist and read numerous books. It wasn’t until I started working with David that I finally found the internal strength and self-love to work on all of the things I turned off when she died. Through David’s guidance, I have been able to reconnect to my true self and find a path to peace and a renewed love of self and life, full of gratitude.

Stephanie H.

Yoga Instructor

When I met David, my energy was very scattered. I had some physical issues and insomnia, but my greatest challenges were in relationships – mostly with my son. David helped me to see where I was overextending my energy, forcing, and allowing myself to be too influenced by others. With his guidance, my life has become calmer, more peaceful. When there are issues, things are resolved much more quickly. He is truly a gifted healer that enjoys sharing what he knows.

D. Reeves

Yoga Instructor / Retired Professional

Working with David over the past 2 years has been truly expansive. I am very sensitive to energy. When I first met David I was allowing others to manipulate my energy and in many ways did not know any better. David has helped me tap into my own understanding of what is my path is on this life journey. I trust in my intuition. I feel a greater sense of peace and clarity as to what is true for me. This clarity makes life so much less complicated as those things that are not truly important drop away. As David would say, “the expansion comes in the giving and receiving” those words have moved into 100% truth after work with David. If you are highly sensitive and feel “a bit different from everyone else” my experience is that David can help you tap into your true knowing for your unique path in this life.


Pilates + Yoga + CoreAlign + Reiki + Meditation

My first meeting with David had me wondering what I had been doing with other “Energy” healers and workers. With David’s guidance I learned how to truly begin the journey of mastery my own energy. Spending a lifetime working through trauma, utilizing many different modalities, I have extensive experience ” feeling” energy and processing others energies that I had been taking into my own field. I knew these others energies where being stored in my body, but did not know what to do with them or how to rid myself of them. Working with David I learned how. I highly recommend David’s services for all people, weather they feel energy or not. What I have learned about myself on this journey is absolutely priceless. I am in a much better place within myself and a better person because of it.

Martha Williams

Yoga Teacher and Shamanic Practioner

I recently received an energy clearing and grounding session led by David Router. He spent a tremendous amount of time with me, explaining the process and gently, responsibly helping me to release energy that isn’t mine and that doesn’t serve me. The process was subtle but noticeable. He then helped me ground my energy in a way I hadn’t experienced before, and I’ve been practicing meditation, yoga and grounding practices for years. He taught me how to become more aware of my subtle energy and how to ground myself in the morning and evening. He also led me through a practice of connecting with my soul that was quite powerful. I appreciate his clarity, straight-forward approach, warmth and the ease with which he shares this work.

As a highly sensitive person who, despite my best efforts, picks up a lot of other people’s energy, I have a strong sense this will change my life.

Ingrid H.

Describing David’s work as “experiential” is definitely true, as he engages his students physically, mentally and emotionally in a multi-sensory experience. The physical expression can be the exercises he has us do, or it can be felt throughout the body as heat, coolness, tingling, buzzing or a lightness that I experience.  There is actually no “verbal expression,” as the nature of his teaching is subtle energy. Yet, his students are actively participating and they are responding within the learning environment, though it may not be verbal. We are engaging, perhaps subconsciously. When working with David, I feel he is helping me to bring my scattered energy back to me – that which has been pulled on by other people and situations – or energy that I had no idea was part of me. I personally feel that I am not physically “doing” anything. So it was odd to me at first, yet I feel the results even within my physical body – much like the unconscious process of digestion. I cannot consciously decide to do a certain action such as extracting nutrients out of the food I just ate, or dissolve the matter in my stomach so it can go on through the digestive tract.  I think David gets the energy moving. 

Carol A. 

My 24-year-old son TJ attended David’s seminar with me. TJ has struggled terribly this past year and has not been able to deal with the grief of losing his younger brother. David taught him to clear his negative blockages. As I have continued to practice the exercises that David taught me during the workshop, I have noticed that my intuition seems stronger, and I have a stronger sense of inner peace. I will be able to lead a happier and more fulfilling life, even though I have endured the most horrific thing that any parent can go through. David Router is incredible, and I am very grateful.