Energy Healing

What is Energy Healing? How does it work?

We all have “high energy” and “low energy” days, often with no definable cause or reason. Some people, places and events “drain” our energy physically, emotionally and spiritually. Others energize and inspire or motivate us. This is the realm of subtle energy. It requires conscious attention and intention. Learning to recognize situations and people who drain our energy reserve is the initial step. Then we activate our connection to Source Energy, ground and manage our energy connection.

Energy flows into, through and out of the body like electricity flows through a network of wires. Personal energy is guided through your conscious “wireless” system. In fact, scientists have discovered that the heart’s electromagnetic field can be measured up to three feet away from the body in all directions. Similar to the ancient healing modalities in traditional Chinese or Vedic medicine, Energy Healing simply utilizes and adjusts the body’s natural electromagnetic fields, whether subtle or measurable energies, for balance, vitality, clarity, certainty and calm wellbeing.

Ancient cultures around the world knew and practiced techniques for self-healing. Science now confirms that we are our own most profound healer. The “Placebo Effect”, where belief is the key to healing, has been documented for decades.

In an age of complex technology, reliance on pharmaceutical and increasing environmental impacts, the option of Energy Healing offers self-empowerment to harmonize the life forces. Today, the benefits of yoga, meditation, Healing Touch and Therapeutic Touch are recognized by traditional allopathic medicine and are being integrated alongside traditional modalities.

While all healing involves energy, most methods focus on healing physical, emotional and spiritual conditions – without the recognition of the deeper subtle energies. This is the focus of Energy Healing. Some “healers” – including David Router – have the ”extrasensory” gifts to see, direct and/or move energy. Most importantly, the true role of a healer is to empower others in their own self-healing and not to create a dependency. The body has the innate ability to heal itself. Our job is to “remember” and learn how to realign ourselves with the natural healing processes. This includes healing from emotional, spiritual and/or physical trauma, such as loss, depression, PTSD, stress and other situations.

David guides us in this process, with the objectives of:

  • Increasing the activated energy available to be used for healing (self-love).
  • Removing energy blocks or congestion (usually created from others’ “manipulative energy”) to facilitate its smooth flow through and connections with pure, personal natural energy sources.
  • Re-connecting and listening to the flow of energy and messages from the soul to the heart inspires greater intuition, soul, heart and mind coherence, as well as overall wellbeing.
  • Recognizing your intuition coming from the soul and heart in communion to amplify how we manage the quantity and quality of energy for enhanced wellbeing.
  • Creating greater coherence, symmetry and balance in these energy fields is the foundation of David’s work.
  • Neutral energy as described by David is “that energy which has no force, intentions or ‘history’ attached.“
  • This neutral energy is the conduit for our physical renewal and personal intuitive messages. As with all vital life systems, these energy fields must be moving, responding and connected.