The Purpose of a Flowing Prayer? – David Router

The Purpose of a Flowing Prayer?


Please read and embrace the following information before activating the Flowing Prayer.

The recognition that you need to make changes in your life is a sign that you have EVOLVED. You are experiencing a new level of consciousness. To make room for these changes (this expanded consciousness) – whether new habits, thought patterns, beliefs, behaviors, relationships or attitudes - we must release that which no longer serves us in this evolution. This requires us to be willing and open to eliminate the mundane day-to-day struggle and become living examples of the Divine.

Until we let go of what is holding us back, we are destined to keep repeating the same behavior and expecting a new outcome. Our willingness to release old ways of being indicates we are ready to enter a new phase of Self-Development.

When you make this commitment and accept responsibility for your development, your energy responds and Self-Care begins. This is called an activation. Your energy can then connect to all of the synchronistic opportunities available.

The Law of Attraction (that which we bring into our consciousness/life based on the focus of our thoughts, attention and energy) is initiated through energy connections. When we EVOLVE we become aware of what is really needed for our Highest Good – not our human desires and obsessions. We notice a broader, deeper perspective of life. Some call this “living in the moment,” when we feel the connection to the Truth of our being – not the daily or momentary whims and situations that distract us. We find a balance between meeting our human needs and engaging in a deeper spiritual evolution – where the possibilities are infinite.

When we EVOLVE we turn on new senses that pick up some of the most minute details (information) that are often missed. It is often through these small details we connect to what many people feel is missing in life!

This is also how we develop a new sense or an EVOLVED PERSPECTIVE OF SELF-LOVE.

This balanced and evolved perspective of self-love allows your mind to be quiet and connect to a more content, coherent self that uses newly found confidence to develop a boundless self-strength.

With Self-Love and Self-Strength we create a foundation for our lives to continue to evolve and provide a wealth of possibilities.

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