Please be aware this is an online video session (utilizing Zoom) as David needs to see participants visually to help guide you to release and reconnect to your personal energy through a series of experiential energy exercises.

Please login to the session at least 10 minutes before the start of your scheduled session. Joining a group session late is not permitted as it disrupts the work of the other participants in the session.

What to expect:

  • The session will begin with any questions you might have following the first weeks session.
  • David will provide a brief overview of the energy releases and connections he guided the group through in session 1 and what to expect in session 2
  • Advanced guided energy exercises to continue to release energy that is not yours and reconnect and strengthen your energy for more self love, self-healing resulting in a more calm mind, improved daily resilience and stronger connection to your loved one and intuition
  • David will review what to expect moving forward and answer any questions.

Session guidelines:

  • Please turn off your cell phone.
  • Do not check emails, calls or social media during the session.
  • Please login and join the session 10 minutes early to get settled and be ready to start on time.
  • Personal information shared during the session must remain confidential.
  • Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • If you have any questions, contact us.

Preparing for your energy work:

A few days prior to your upcoming session or workshop with David, we recommend that you soak in a detoxifying lemon bath for about 20 minutes.

Lemon Bath Instructions

  • Cut 2 – 3 lemons into slices or chunks
  • Draw a hot bath
  • Drop the lemons into the bath, wait 2 minutes, then climb in and simply relax for about 20 minutes
  • Enjoy the soothing lemon scent while the lemons detoxify your body and skin

If you have ever had anesthesia, it is particularly important that you take at least two lemon baths prior to working with David to open receptors and pathways to clear the way for the most efficient energy absorption.